Since the spring of 2020, many Grimsay people have told us so much about the built and natural environment of Grimsay. GCA has been mapping this information, building up a picture of the houses and the people who have lived here, moved around the island, worked the land and fished the sea, along with other aspects of Grimsay life. This work illuminates the Grimsay community – who we are, who our forebears were and connections between people and places. Much of this oral tradition has been captured so that it may be preserved as part of the Grimsay Archive collections.

Whilst most of this work was carried during the COVID-19 lockdown, we produced a short video that explains the work undertaken and how we continued this work with the community. The video is available in Gaelic, English or Gaelic with English subtitles – select the appropriate version from the side bar to the right. 

Mapping Grimsay (public preview)

Nb: the full, detailed map is password protected