The Grimsay Boatshed was established in 2001 to ensure the survival of the Stewart boatbuilding skills and to maintain the local fishing fleet. It can handle boats up to 12m and 20 tonnes, with a full-time Lead Craftsman/Manager and two Boat Craftsmen. The Boatshed has also created unique educational and training materials in traditional boatbuilding, approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.


Ronald John MacLean
Grimsay Boatshed, Kallin, Grimsay, Isle of North Uist, Scotland HS6 5HY

01870 603399
07775 848508

Grimsay Boatshed Trust 1
Hauling system at the Grimsay Boatshed
Grimsay Boatshed Trust 2
Stewart boatbuilder Uilleam Theàrlaich with Boatshed Craftsman/Manager Ronald John MacLean